How To Make Money From Blogging In 2020?

Are you looking to make money blogging?  I would guess you might be since you are here reading this right now. I think we are all trying to find another way to make some extra money online. There are thousands of bloggers out there right now who do this for a living. It’s not easy to do, but if you have determination you might be able to make some extra money as well.

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How to Make Money Blogging

I am going to share with you some of the top Money Making Methods that Pro Bloggers are using to make most of their income. These resources and tools should also help you raise your income from blogging or help you get started with Making Money Blogging if you aren’t already.
1. Google Adsense – This may be one of the most well-known ways of Making Money from Blogging. Google gives you a HTML Code that you place on your blog and it shows an advertise. Every time someone clicks on that ad you make money. Simple and effective.
2. Affiliate Programs – This is you suggesting that people use certain software or goods related to your niche. Making Money through Affiliate Programs can be very easy when you personally use the products you are recommending. Most times the products are so great that they almost sell themselves.
3. E-Book Sales – It seems like every blogger must have some kind of E-Book. This is one of the biggest ways to make a huge profit. Obviously, because you do not have a middle man like you do with the Affiliate programs. If you have great content and traffic, then its sure to sell. Just remember content is king.
4. Private Ads or Sponsorships – This is an awesome way to make some money. You can sell banner ads to others in your blog/ niche. Or you can also sell links to their website in your blogroll.
5. Sponsored Post / Review – Here is another great one. Someone will pay you just to talk about them and their website in your post. This could be anything from just suggesting them to maybe even writing a review of their website or product.
6. Continuity / Membership Programs – This is when you have some kind of income that is residual. Some kind of monthly payment like a monthly membership program. This is really awesome and can make you tons of money if you have the right content and can pull it off correctly.
7. Amazon /Flipkart Associates – This is kind of like affiliate marketing except you are selling actual products for Amazon /Flipkart. When someone click on the link it takes them to Amazon/ Flipkart. If they make a purchase then you make money. Even if they come back later on and buy something else again, you make even more money.
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