Top Free Keyword Research Tool in 2020 for Beginners

So most of the people are always wanted to know about the keyword research tool for free, and here I will be sharing with you about the best keyword research tool in 2020 which will give you the exact results of your keywords. 

What is keyword research tool?

Keyword Research Tool

Basically it means to search terms which people are searching on the search engines. It’s A Practice of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it will help you to find & research the best alternative search term for your keyword (search term).

As an example:- if you are searching for a smartphone then the main keyword will be “Smartphone” however your alternative keywords will be “Smartphone In India”, ” Smartphone price” etc. so they will be the alternative search term or you can say keywords.

What Keyword Research Tool Do?

SO basically it will help you out the provide your keyword full details like as “Volume”, “Competition”, “CPC” etc. and in the this, you will also get the best collection of alternative keywords (search terms) which will help you to get a good result in a short time.

Why Should You Do Keyword Research?

Keyword Research Tool

Basically most people never do keyword research, they just believe that it’s not important but, they are not aware of the benefits of Keywords Research. So basically keyword research is the best tool to learn and earn fast.

Now, most people must be thinking about how to learn and earn fast, so basically if you know how to do proper keyword research then you can easily rank your website on google.

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How Keyword Research Help to Rank Faster?

The first thing is research if you do proper keyword research then you can get a good amount of traffic. For the new website you just need to focus on low competition which has more volume in your niche or blog. So focus only on the best content & low competition keywords and it will rank your website fast.

But if you go for high Competition keywords then it will not going to rank fast and easily. So it’s pro tip go for low competition Keywords In initial day.

Types of keyword research tool?

There are two types of keywords tool.

  • Paid
  • Free

What type of research tool should you go for?

So Basically, in the beginning, you should start from a free keyword research tool, know you must be thinking why free, so basically paid tools is used for the advanced keywords research and you can find out and even you can track your competitor’s website. However, you will not be able to track the free keywords research tool. 

The paid tool is quite expensive in initial days for beginner, however, a beginner can start with free keywords research tools and make good money, and then they can go for paid tools.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research Tool google keyword planner

So basically this tool is launched by Google and it will help you to find out all the top results. So here I will be going to share features of Google Keyword Planner, so basically you will get all the details of your specific keywords which you search.

  • Select the countries according to you.
  • Check the bid price low & High.
  • You can check the traffic volume.
  • You can see the Competition low, medium & High.
  • Group Keywords Ideas.
  • Can select a time period.
  • Download Excel of keywords.

Ubersuggest Features

Keyword Research Tool ubersuggest

So this is also a good tool which will help you out to do little bit advance level keyword researching. And this tool is launched by Neil Patel.

  • Domain Overview
  • Backlink Data
  • Top SEO Pages
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Content Ideas
  • Organic Monthly Traffic

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