PUBG Mobile: How to get free skins 2020

PUBG Mobile: How to get free skins:- PUBG Mobile offers a variety of skins and in-game cosmetics, in which the player has to pay UC, the in-game currency. Many players yearn for these skins and cosmetics, but they do not want to spend money to buy them.

PUBG Mobile: Ways to get UC for free

  1. Google Opinion Award

It is a reward-based application developed by Google that gives credit to Google for answering surveys to users. With these credits, you can buy UC and then use this UC for skins in PUBG Mobile.

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2. UC earnings


There are different ways in which a player can earn UC in PUBG Mobile. There are some methods

PUBG Bonus Challenges – Bonus Challenges provide a system by which players show off their skills and earn battle coins that are exchanged for UC. Swagbucks – This is a GPT site, where one can complete specific tasks to redeem a gift card. Idol-Empire – This is also a GPT site where specific tasks have to be completed to redeem the Google Play gift card which can be used to purchase skins.

Players can also obtain skins by completing Royal Pass missions that increase RP levels. Also in the free pass, there are some skins that players can obtain. For example, in RP50 this season, there is a Toy Alliance P92.

These are some legal methods by which you can earn free skins. There are many blogs and videos on the Internet that claim to offer free skins and to purchase skins in PUBG mobile requires generating specific UC to download specific applications or visit the website. These applications and sites usually do not work. Rarely can these applications come from untrusted developers.

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