Weight loss is the hardest thing for many people? But Why

Many times, we hear from our close somebody or friends that they have joined a Gym for white loss. When we see him for two-three days, they see him and they show a big smile in front of us. When a few days pass, they tell us that “My body is in pain today and after finishing my work, I will go home and sleep adequately!” and say “weight loss is so hard!” On the first day, we see great enthusiasm on his face, but it’s not visible after a few days. 

They do their job well in the Gym or Weight Loss Center, but the rest of the day they do not take any heed to them and all the time they just tell us about the fatigue of exercise. After getting up in the morning, he goes to the center again soon to do his daily work. And after a few days, he stops doing it or maybe they continue for a few months, but after giving an excuse why am i not losing weight when i exercise and diet? And then they give up dieting forever. Do you want to give up dieting forever halfway? We believe that this time comes in everyone’s life when they start the process of weight loss in the body. 
Hearing all excuses like weight loss is so hard, we think that why is losing weight so mentally hard? What you want to hear, what is the actual reason for giving up on daily exercises? and how to not quit during a workout. Read this important article for Why Weight loss is the hardest thing for many people. Along with this, we will tell you many suggestions that you have to do simultaneously with weight loss exercise. This suggestion will make you less tired and your body energy will also be maintained and you will be encouraged to work with full enthusiasm.

Why Excuses are affecting our daily routine weight loss exercise

Then it comes to weight loss, we can whip out a page of excuses longer than our weekend to-do list.  And whine?  Man, we can put a 2-year-old to shame, whining about all the reasons “now is just not a good time” to change our lives, our weight, our eating habits.  Intellectually, we know all the reasons we should get on the weight-loss bandwagon. Our cholesterol is too high, we can’t stand the way we look. We’re always tired, and- oh, yeah-we’d like to live to see our grandkids. Emotionally, we just don’t want to do it. So we make excuses as to why we shouldn’t even start that way, we don’t have to do weight loss hard exercise and always think that the weight loss journey is hard! Often, what we think of as excuses are solvable obstacles.

“Excuses are artificial,

 As soon as one is removed, another and another and another take its place

Whereas obstacles have solutions that can resolve the problem. 

The key is finding a solution that is acceptable to you. Otherwise, you won’t keep at it for the long term “

 Karen Miller-Kovach, R.D

Chief scientist for Weight Watchers International.  

Which type of Excuses can affect the process of our Weight Loss?

  • This Diet is not Work for me
  • I am too busy to exercise 
  • I am too stressed
  • I hate Cooking
  • I can’t Afford Healthy Food
  • I hate Fruit and vegetables
  • I absolutely cannot live without my ice cream
  • I eat out too much
  • My family won’t eat healthy stuff.
  • I can never remember how much I have eaten during the day etc.

Why doctors or gym trainer ask us our bad habits before the starting of weight loss exercise

When we go to the doctor or the Gym trainer, he asks us this question. After all, what is the secret of why they want to know our bad habits from us? With that, they ask about any deficiency or discomfort or health relative problems or many other habits to us. Many times we have a desire to know whether it will be the reason that these people ask us all these questions. Let’s, Tell you why those Gym trainers or Doctors ask you this question. 

There are many other reasons behind these questions, such as if you have any health problems such as pain in your waist or body or there is any problem in your body which can be activated by more hard to lose weight even with diet and exercise then to be cautious with it so that’s the reason they many time ask this question to you. Sometimes people don’t want to share their predicaments with them and that’s the reason they fall into many Problems during his workout, which causes more trouble in his body.

Which is the habit that we should take care of during weight loss diet?

  1. Smoking: Sometimes many people frequently ask, Is smoking harmful during the process of weight loss? smoking typically consumes about 100 calories a day.  But knowing this, you can resolve to eat 100 fewer calories a day or walk an extra mile per day (which consumes 100 calories). So weight loss due to smoking is a very bad thing for us.
  1. Alcohol: Some studies show that alcohol during weight loss causes weight gain. But the reality is that your body doesn’t distinguish between the calories from alcohol and those from food. If your body doesn’t use the calories from alcohol as energy, it will convert them into fat. Also, some research shows that drinking alcohol during weight loss can lead to overeating. One reason is that when we drink, our willpower is not as strong, so we may give in to the temptation to overeat. If you’re trying to drop a few pounds, it’s wise to put down the wineglass.
  1. Fat: Fat packs 9 calories per gram, compared with 4 in carbohydrates and protein, so it can do the most damage to your figure if you eat too much of it. “But the hardest part of losing weight isn’t just about calculating grams of fat. It’s about counting calories” There was a time when you could reduce your fat intake and lose weight, but with all the high-calorie processed foods now available, you often end up eating even more calories that get stored as far.

Many times people join the training center to lose weight after getting excited, but due to all these habits, they do not work on their hardest part of losing weight. Sometimes they angry with the trainer. This thing is small for us but it can be controlled. It is very important for us if we want to lose good body weight.

Remember these 5 tips which help you ever and ever

Tip 1: Take Care Your Mind Signal

Did you ever wonder how some people can keep their weight down by apparently knowing what to eat and when to weight loss eating times? They can automatically control their weight because of an inner sense (intuition) which tells them what is OK for weight loss eating times. These people have learned to listen to their intuition. This is the secret of becoming and, more importantly, staying thin. 

Did you ever say to yourself “I better not eat this specific food today” or “For some reason, I do not feel like eating this specific food at this time.”? If you have, then you were responding to your “Food Instinct Signal” This signal was telling you something and you chose to listen. This is the secret of successful dieters the world over, whether they know it or not, they have learned to develop and trust in the recognition of this signal.

Tip 2: Always check the labels when buying weight loss diet food

See how many calories are in serving size and also check how many servings are in the entire package that you are considering purchasing. Make sure that the saturated fat and the sugar contents are low. The first listed ingredient on the ingredients label is the one that is the highest concentration in the weight loss diet food that you are buying. If sugars or fats are listed first, then put it back on the shelf.

Tip 3: Don’t skip breakfast

Studies have proved that people who eat a healthy breakfast every day are the most successful dieters. Healthy weight loss diet breakfast of whole grain, high fiber cereal topped with fruit and skim milk is a great way to start the day or an egg fried in a small amount of olive oil on a slice of the toasted whole wheat bread makes a great lean protein start for your day. A slice of the whole wheat bread topped with a Tbs.of all fruit jelly and peanut butter is an appetite satisfying breakfast. 

People who regularly eat a healthy weight loss diet breakfast don’t get hungry for midmorning snacks of doughnuts or muffins. Your body’s appetite control mechanism stays in check for long periods, without any spikes in blood sugar or blood insulin levels. And besides, a nutritious breakfast causes your body to burn fat more efficiently and starts your diet day off perfectly.

Tip 4: Eat more frequently

In weight loss eating Small frequent weight loss diet meals keep your body fueled throughout the day and prevents you from overeating at any particular time of day or night. Small meals with lean protein and high fiber added to keep your appetite satisfied for hours without any hunger pangs.  Adding the lean protein to these small, frequent weight loss diet meals increases your energy level. If you skip breakfast or lunch, your metabolism slows down, causing a spike in insulin levels when you finally eat. This makes it harder for your body to burn fat efficiently. The result is weight gain, not weight loss. This type of small, frequent weight loss eating helps you to condition yourself to keep portion sizes small when you eat at home or a restaurant.

Tip 5: Be careful of soft drinks.

Sweetened soft drinks contain loads of sugar and calories. In addition to sodas, this includes sweetened iced teas, fat loaded calories in coffee Drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, and juices that contain little or no juice, but lots of sugar. Stay away from weight loss hard drinks so-called energy drinks, which contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine. These drinks are unhealthy and the energy that they produce initially is from the initial shot of caffeine and glucose absorbed into the bloodstream. These drinks cause unhealthy spikes in both blood sugar and blood insulin, and the high caffeine content of these weight loss hard drinks can be dehydrating. Be sure to choose diet sodas and teas.  Switch to fat-free coffee drinks without sugar, cream, or whole milk. Choose 100% fruit juices and 100% vegetable juices. Drink lots of water, seltzer, fat-free milk, and weight loss diet drinks.

Why is weight loss so hard after 40?

We know that treasures of our body are very active at a young age and our muscles are flexible and because of this our body is more active and strong. so, the first and main reason is that weight loss isn’t hard at a young age. But many times people ask why is weight loss so hard after 40? So from our research, we say No, after a 40 weight loss journey is hard. But we can clearly say after 40 weight loss processes may take longer to complete. But remember below things that help you to encourage weight loss isn’t hard.

  • Daily Exercise
  • Good Habit of Food
  • Avoid Eating High-Calorie food
  • Manage Your Diet
  • Remove your all stress
  • Intense hard work


We hope that you must have liked all these things, in this article, You must have known all the reasons why is losing weight so mentally hard?  We have told many things about keeping responsibility during the weight loss Diet. We hope that you stay connected with us and follow all our research and information. We are confident our weight loss tips are very helpful for you, and you will be able to keep healthy and wealthy.

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